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What is the Willow Coaching Program?

The Willow® Pump comes with everything you need to pump – including complimentary access to the Willow Coaching Program.

We know that breastfeeding and pumping take some getting used to, and we don’t want you to go it alone. Our coaches (or your soon-to-be pumping BFFs) provide 1:1 text, call, and FaceTime support to help you every step of the way.

Our personalized coaching sessions focus specifically on how to pump with Willow – so we recommend everyone who’s purchased Willow schedule a session (even if you’ve pumped before!). Women tell us they really value our coaching support!

The Willow Coaching Program: Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve pumped with other pumps before. Why do I need to schedule a coaching session?

Even if you’ve pumped in the past, we recommend scheduling a session with a Willow Coach. With each pump comes its own intricacies, and we’re here to make sure you’re off and pumping with Willow.

How do I schedule a coaching session?

You’ll receive a text from one of our Willow Coaches a few days after your pump ships to schedule a coaching session. She’ll coordinate with you to find a time that works best. If you’re not pumping yet, we’ll follow up when you’re ready to pump. Of course, if you want to chat with us sooner – just reach out!

How many sessions do I need to sign up for? How long does a coaching session typically last?

We recommend you sign up for at least one coaching session. If you’re off and pumping and have no questions after that session, there’s no need to check in with us again. Don’t be surprised, if we shoot you a quick text to make sure things are going well. If you have more questions or need support, then contact us – we’re always here for you.

A typical initial coaching session lasts 10–15 minutes, but your Willow Coach will be happy to spend as much time with you as you need!

When should I schedule my first session? What should I do to prepare?

We ask that you start pumping with Willow before your first coaching session. The best time to have your first coaching session is after you’ve pumped at least three times.

Is there an additional fee for coaching?

Nope! Access to Willow Coaching is included with the purchase of the Willow Pump.

I bought the Willow Pump as a gift. How do I make sure the recipient receives coaching when she’s ready?

We’ll reach out to you by text a few days after the pump ships. If you purchased Willow as a gift, we’ll ask you for the recipient’s contact information (mobile phone number & email) and an appropriate time when we can reach out to her to schedule coaching. You can also tell her to contact us when she’s ready to schedule a coaching session.

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