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Home / Help / Getting Started / How do I assemble Willow? (Willow 1.0) / Assembly

How do I assemble Willow? (Willow 1.0)

Before using Willow® for the first time, examine the Pump and parts for any damage, cracks, chips, or wear.

First, connect the Flextube™ to the Flange:

  1. Push Flextube all the way down onto Flange Spout, making sure edges are flush.
  2. Slide Flextube Collar into top of Flange. Listen for Collar to “click” into place.

Next you need to attach the Milk Bag:

  1. Slide Flange Door open by pushing the blue thumb pad and sliding up.
  2. After sliding the Door up, pull open.
  3. Using a new Milk Bag, drape over Flange with writing “THIS SIDE UP” facing away from the Flange.
  4. Firmly press Milk Bag’s One-­Way Valve onto Flextube Collar. Make sure Valve is securely attached to Collar.
  5. Close Flange Door by swinging closed and sliding down. Note: The Label Area of the Milk Bag will fold back over as you complete this step. DO NOT cut this piece off.
  6. The Milk Bag is bigger than the Flange. To fit it, press center of bag into deepest part of Flange then tuck edges. Do NOT fold the bag to make it fit. Note: There are plastic tabs along the edge of the Flange. It helps to tuck the bag under these.


Finally, connect the Flange to the Pump:

  1. Align bottom Tab into Slot.
  2. Bring pieces together starting at bottom and closing at top. Ensure Milk Bag is completely inside Flange.